For Tenants

A solution to rental applications: Domi represents your credentials accurately and securely.

Grab and go: Wherever you are in the world, your Domi is always with you, a portable and legible passport into the rental world that streamlines rental applications.

A simple, unified experience: Houses and countries change. Domi stays the same, giving you a key point of consistency as well as a steadfast resource you can draw on to navigate the rental process.

The full picture behind your paperwork: Establish a verified and credible log of your rental history. Whether you’re full-time or a freelancer, student or subletter, Domi gives an accurate portrayal of you as a tenant, correcting bias and making it easier for you to find a home.

Protect your data: There’s no need to give up private financial documents to secure an apartment. Share only what landlords need to see when they need to see it and rest assured your privacy is in safe hands.